Where to begin?

So, it’s come to this.¬†Having to decide what my first post will be about.

It was all so easy setting this thing up and kinda fun in a vaguely techy way, just choosing colours and uploading photos, but now that’s all changed and I’ve actually got to commit finger to keyboard and post something. Which means decisions. Several of them. Not least of which is what this blog is going to be for and about. And that is where the problems begin.

In my head I’ve been planning this for a while now. I say planning – I really mean thinking about it on and off for a few minutes at a time, usually when I should’ve been doing something more urgent and pressing. I need to have a theme, I thought, a focus for a blog, not least so I can structure it and know what I’m doing and what direction it’s going. But there are so many things I thought I might be interested to blog about and focus on I couldn’t really decide where to start. So I just went ahead and set up the blog first – jump in, set it up and see what happens, I thought.

And – when I came to write something about me – on the ‘About me’ page no less, it kind of gelled – ¬†as if by magic – or a war of attrition in my head between about a dozen different topics: It doesn’t have to be about anything specific – it can be about anything.

If I want to blog about photography and nothing else – I can set up a blog for that; if I want to blog solely about psycho ginger cats I could set up a blog for that too.

This blog is about anything I want to write about, whenever the mood takes me or my interest is pricked. So there. I have a plan. I know where I’m going.